Sonic The Hedgehog Franchise Passes 1.5 Billion

The historical backdrop of Sonic The Hedgehog is one of pinnacles and valleys.

Effectively its most conspicuous pinnacle was during the 90s when the person was conceived.

Therefore, SEGA found a symbol they could nail their control center to, and it worked! From the get go, at any rate.

From the get go, that sounds exceptionally amazing. Notwithstanding, a few key subtleties should be noted to give the full setting.

Since while the figure incorporates all the mainline and side project titles that Sonic has featured in, it additionally includes the series' portable games.

Keeping that in mind, one of those free titles, Sonic Scramble, disregarded 500 million downloads in 2021.

That is amazing, yet it doesn't place the series in the best light.

All things considered, gaming-wise, things could be pivoting for Sonic The Hedgehog.

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