Pokemon Shows Off Ash and Pikachu's Best Battle

Pokemon has given Ash Ketchum the greatest success in his 25 years of anime experiences to date with the freshest episode of the series.

Pokemon Excursions took Ash from his generally weighty Alola Association Title win.

Episode 132 of Pokemon Excursions sees Ash and Pikachu arrive at the peak of the fight against Leon.

It's been three episodes, and driving into the finale Ash and Pikachu were facing both a sound Charizard and Cinderace.

Pokemon is having a remarkable fall as it appears to be the series is wherever you look on the web.

However, following one final explosion of motivation from Ash and all of the Pokemon companions they have met over their excursion generally

Ash and Pikachu charge at Charizard one last time as it's ready to land a last supercharged head butt to end the fight for good and come out on top for the title.

Ash' excursion to become Pokémon title holder started in 1997,

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