PC gaming isn't dying – Steam proves it's 

Steam broke a significant achievement as far as simultaneous gamers utilizing the stage at the end of the week, surpassing the 30 million imprint.

Note that there's a differentiation here with respect to those dynamic clients

8.5 million were in-game, truth be told, which misses the mark regarding the record on that score

Energy has accumulated impressively starting from the beginning of 2021 when the record number of simultaneous gamers arrived at 25.4 million

It's very positive news even with a ton of despondency of late around the PC market encountering a downturn in deals

Furthermore, when that old 'PC gaming is dead' chestnut arises intermittently

There are a lot of up-sides for PC gaming at present

Toss in head-turning advancements, for example, the Steam Deck

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