Meet the 10 Best Pokemon with backstories

Pokemon might be most popular for its adorable pocket beasts and youngster well disposed games.

Each youngster has a most loved toy they grew out of sooner or later.

This Phantom Flying sort from Gen 4 might seem to be an inflatable, yet helium isn't what keeps it above water.

Froslass is an Ice-Phantom sort, one of the most uncommon mixes in the Pokémon games.

Gengar acts like your shadow, then reviles you and takes your life.

It's difficult to compose an unpleasant Pokémon list this near Halloween and exclude Gourgeist.

Malamar is what Hypno wishes it very well may be.

The narrative of Mimikyu, a Phantom Pixie type from Gen 7, is however grievous as it very well might be shocking.

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