Hurricane tracker Florida

Tropical Lan was strengthening around 5:30 a.m. Saturday.

Florida monitors a growing Tropical Storm lan in Caribbean

Hurricane Fiona,Being lashed, Bermuda with high winds and heavy rain early Friday,

Bermuda, Nova Scotia, and other regions of Atlantic Canada as well as Eastern Quebec were under a hurricane warning.

The wind speed will be between 360 kmph and 85 kmph

Hurricane could bring high water levels and produce large.destructive waves. In U.S.A

moving at 14 miles per hour. Lan achieved sustained top speeds of 45 mph.

He is around 315 miles east of A Kingston, Jamaica.

Heavy rains are forecast to begin on Monday in the Florida Keys and South Florida.

Based on unusually warm waters, rapid escalation is likely from Monday to Wednesday,

Ian Slightly Stronger, Expected to Become Hurricane Today