Highly Rated PS4 Game Is Only $1.49 for a Limited Time

An exceptionally evaluated PS4 game has been made $1.49 temporarily over on the PlayStation Store.

Sadly, there's no PS5 adaptation of the game, in any case, the PS4 rendition is playable on PS5 through in reverse similarity.

Initially delivered in 2013 by means of the PC, the game came to PS4 and other PlayStation stages in 2014.

It flaunts Metacritic scores from 83 to 92. At the hour of delivery, the game was adulated for its environment.

Players employ a trial gadget that permits them to make clones of themselves,

On the off chance that this arrangement doesn't intrigue you, the uplifting news is it's one of many. Over on the PlayStation Store,

 November Investment funds and Games Under $20, the two of which rebate many various games.

That brings another 1,000 value slices to the advanced commercial center.

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