God Of War Ragnarok’s Odin looms large over the game

God of War Ragnarok is almost here, and gamers are in for a treat.

Odin didn't show up in God of War (2018), yet he assumed a major part in the story in any case.

God of War Ragnarok is the second most elevated scoring round of the PS5 and Xbox Series age.

As the dad of Baldur, spouse of Freya and torturer of Mimir, Odin creates a long shaded area over God of War Ragnarok.

This game contains no spoilers for God of War Ragnarok, beside what we've found in trailers,

It's a glaring difference to the egotistical, eager for power Zeus from the Greek cycle games, most definitely.

Attempt as you would, you can never truly get away from before.

Ragnarok's hero, attempts over and again to show this example to his child Atreus.

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