God of War Ragnarok 80% off Sale

God of War Ragnarok sells 5.1m duplicates in first week

PlayStation declared today on Twitter that its new delivery God of War Ragnarok is its quickest selling first-party game.

Making it formally the quickest selling first-party PlayStation title to date.

PlayStation Studios head Herman Hulst shared the news on Twitter

Via correlation, Ragnarok's prompt ancestor moved 3.1m duplicates in its initial three days back in 2018,

Assuming you're considering how this analyzes to Sony's other large establishments

God of War Ragnarok takes the quickest selling first-party PlayStation game mantle from The Remainder of Us Section 2

The game sent off on November 9 for both PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4. Perhaps of the likeliest explanation Ragnarok sold so well is that it's not select to the PlayStation 5.

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