Apex Legends Player Earns 14 Kill Game Without Weapon

One Apex Legends player as of late pulled off a 14-kill game without discharging a solitary shot at their foes.

It is frequently hard for some gamers to get 14 kills during a game in Apex Legends,

While it very well may be difficult to accept, Apex Legends is currently in Season 15.

 In spite of the designer not adding any new weapons to the fight royale this season, there is no lack of choices for players to use during a game.

Taking to Reddit, a client known as Levalier shared an extended clasp of them playing a game on the World's Edge map in Apex Legends.

While large numbers of these firearms can frequently mean the contrast among winning and losing,

Furthermore, their choice to play as Bangalore in Apex Legends assisted them with pulling off these mele kills.

Apex Legends season 15 Obscuration started on November 1, and with it came another cautious legend

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